Honestly handcrafted one bag at a time

Working with master craftsmen, the Rolltop Backpack features
materials and processes that's proven to last a lifetime.


16oz Hand-Waxed canvas.

16oz canvas are hand waxed using Bees Wax to create a tough, water-resistant material that serves as the base material of the Rolltop Backpacks. Canvas are extremely strong materials which can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. With use, white crease lines will appear on the wax-treated material, and bags will soften creating a rugged worn-in look.


3mm Full Grain Leather Straps.

3mm full grain leathers are used to create straps tough enough for all your everyday carry.
The straps come in two colours, Vachetta and Black. With use, the leathers will age to create an alluring natural patina with a worn out look.


Bar tack Stitching Reinforcements.

Bar tack stitchings are used
to reinforce areas that may be subjected to stress and additional wear such as flap openings and sides of pockets.


Solid Brass Hardware.

Besides being used for its aesthetic purposes, solid cast brass are used for the hardware for its strength, durability and resistance to corrosion.


Latex Foam Padding.

All natural latex foam paddings are used in the shoulder straps as well as the laptop compartment of the Rolltop Backpack. Latex foams retains its form and has an average lifespan of 2 to 3 decades.


13 Point Copper Rivet Reinforcements.

Solid copper rivets are being used to reinforce strength and load capacity at the various stress points where the materials are too thick to be reinforced using bar tack stitching.


8oz Twill
Canvas Lining

8oz twill canvas are used for the inner lining of the backpacks. Twill canvas not only creates an appealing look but it’s alsostrong enough to weather the wear and tears of everyday use.